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There is a large market for tools in general. Though tools may not be replaced frequently the demand for all kinds of tools remains constant. If you wish to sell tools online or in a physical store finding the right supplier will be essential. There are many wholesale tool distributors. Suppliers can be found by doing sufficient research and using different sources to find the wholesaler that best suits your demands and needs. You may find distributors online, in trade publications and by visiting trade shows. There a few things that you should consider before buying your tools wholesale, many of which will be briefly explored in the following section.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Shop around. It is important that you visit as many distributors as possible, by going on their websites, going directly to their place of business (if accessible) and by making calls to find out about the pricing of specific products. Many companies use the term wholesale without offering competitive wholesale prices. You will not know which ones are the least affordable unless you make the effort to compare their prices to many others. Once you have done sufficient comparisons you can formulate a list of your top five or top ten suppliers.
  • Read reviews about the wholesaler or distributor on different websites. It is best not to use their website as only more favourable reviews will be placed on their website. If the reviews suggest that the wholesaler is satisfactory or more preferably exceptional then they are probably a potential choice.
  • Find out about shipping. It is important that you find out about how long it will take to have your items delivered. Selecting a wholesaler that is affordable yet that never ships on time will greatly disrupt your ability to make a profit. This means that if the supplier does not deliver when the demand is high your potential customers will go elsewhere. Also you need to maintain some level of consistency if you wish to operate a flourishing enterprise. If you cannot rely on your distributor then you cannot maintain an effective business relationship.
  • Always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions that are laid out by the particular distributor. Do not overlook this important factor as this may lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. It is especially important to find out about any return policies or any other guarantees they may have put in place to make doing business with them more worthwhile.
  • You should aim to buy quality products not just necessarily inexpensive or affordable products. If you buy products that are made from inferior components then you will not establish a solid reputation as a reseller or retailer of tools. Try to derive a satisfactory balance between affordability and quality.
  • Find out what the minimum amount is that you will be required to purchase. In the initial stages it is imperative that you order the smallest amount possible to see how easily the products are sold and also to get a fair idea of how long the wholesaler will take to ship the product. Additionally you will be able to assess the quality of the tools that you have purchased. Buying in large quantities may no be advantageous especially if you find that once you have bought the product you are dissatisfied with the quality and/or service.
  • Buy a large variety of tools that can be used in any kind of project. Do not stock up on too much of any individual item. You can visit your local hardware to see how their inventory compares to get a much better idea of what you should be looking for when buying tools. You can also perform additional research to better understand what the average person’s tool needs are like.
  • If you are given the option to speak directly to your suppliers you should take that opportunity to arrange better deals and establish a good business rapport with your prospective supplier.

Distributors Online

Many of these suppliers can be found online. It is significantly easier to shop around from one very convenient location. You should use this to your advantage to visit as many websites as humanly possible. The more sites you visit is the more likely you will be to locate the most fitting distributor. A few of these online distributors are listed below along with a brief description of each.


  • Offers a wide selection of tools at true wholesale prices.
  • They state that you can find “power tools, hand tools, air tools, automotive tools, woodworking tools, hardware, and much more all at true wholesale prices. Each tool is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.”
  • You may register with the website to receive newsletters and alerts on any discounts available.
  • They do not have a minimum order and as they say “all orders are welcome”.
  • It does not require that you sign up for membership.


  • This website has links to many other distributors that sell wholesale tools online many of which are from international sources.
  • To find out information on each distributor simply click on the links that accompany the image to open their webpage.


  • This website offers a large variety of tools that are coming from China.
  • You can create an account to get more benefits like instant alerts on special deals and discounts and also to receive their newsletter.
  • A picture of the tools you may purchase may be found as soon as you enter the website.


  • This site is a directory site that provides an exhaustive list of the websites that offer wholesale tools.
  • You will have to search carefully as some of the wholesalers listed do not trade solely in tools therefore may not necessarily offer the widest range of wholesale tools.


  • Offers a large variety of wholesale tools.
  • They make the statement: “Wholesale tools at cheap discount prices. Buy bulk tool products at cheap wholesale cost. Hand tools, tool sets, and tool items all at cheap wholesale. Save even more with our bulk discount shipping rates. Wholesale Mart offers hundreds of gifts, collectibles, and home decor to gift shops, stores, corporate events, and fundraisers. With over 3000 wholesale products you’ll find just what your looking for. “
  • They also sell retail and wholesale tools therefore you will have to buy a specific amount or in bulk to get wholesale prices. For example a magnetic socket tool with light will cost $11.95 retail and sell for $4.26 at the wholesale price which is approximately a 64% reduction in cost when bought wholesale.


  • Offers wholesale tools to resellers and distributors. You cannot buy from this website if you are not a licensed reseller: “We sell to only valid supply houses who resale the items they purchase!We do not sell to end users! No Contractors or Weekend Warriors Allowed. We do not sell to your customers!”
  • They manufacture and distribute wholesale tools.
  • You are not required to pay costly membership fees or any other annual fees.
  • Ships to all 50 States.

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